Justin Diggle.

Artwork Folders.

Folder 1. Images created around the theme of Surveillance, my current area of interest. The prints are primarily Etchings/Photo Etchings.

Folder 2. Screenprints made for individual projects and themed portfolios.

Folder 3. Prints from other individual projects, themed portfolios and miniprints.

Image details top row, left to right.
Tower Building (Screenprint), Flight Scanning I (Etching), Flying Statue (Screenprint), A Forgotten Site (Etching).

Image details bottom row, left to right.
The eye behind the camera (Etching), Dancing in his Tonys (Etching & Photo Etching), Migrant Air (Photo Polymer Intaglio), The New Explorer (Screenprint and Photo Polymer Intaglio).

Copyright. Justin Diggle.